10 Cool Drinks On Holachef And An Ice Tea Recipe

Whether it’s sipping on a plain drink through work or savoring a blend of mixed juices on a break, beverages can always cheer up a dull day. These are a good way to keep a check on that liquid intake too. At Holachef, there is a plethora of options to choose from, when it comes to these drinks, and here’s are some you cannot miss.

1) Orange Thai Chilli Cooler

A tangy-spicy drink of Thai-herb flavoured water, packed with the freshness of orange concentrate and the zestiness of chillies.

2) Fresh Lime Ginger Ale

A zesty flavoured beverage prepared with ginger extract, lemon juice, sugar and ice cold water for a delightful drink.

3) Fresh Strawberry Lemonade

A refreshing drink of strawberries blended with lemon juice, sugar and herb flavoured water.

4) Pina Colada

A tropical drink with balanced flavours of coconut, pineapple juice, milk and fresh cream.

5) Kokum Sharbat

Fresh kokum juice, lemon juice and water blended together, seasoned with a homemade masala for a drink that is great for digestion.

6) Lychee Lust

Fresh lychee extract, lemon juice and herbed water blended together for a delightful drink to perk up your day.

7) Kiwi Cucumber Delight

A delightful and refreshing drink with a delicious amalgamation of kiwi and cucumber.

8) Guava Orange Drink

A fibre-rich drink of guava and oranges blended together for a delicious melange of sweet-sour flavours.

9) Kala Khatta Syrup

Sweet and sour kala khatta syrup (made from jamun or Indian blackberry) is blended with lemon juice, water and seasoned with masalas for a refreshing drink.

10) Gul-e-Gulkand

An interesting blend of gulkand which is a sweet preserve of rose petals, flavours of Calcutta pan, sugar and rose syrup for a delightful drink.

Iced Tea Recipe:

1 cup water
1 green tea bag or tea leaves (quantity depends on how strong the tea is)
Sugar, as desired
Lemon juice, optional
Ice cubes, as desired
Mint leaves for garnish

Soak the tea bag in hot water or brew tea leaves. The flavour needs to be a bit stronger than usual. Add sugar and mix well.
Remove the tea bag or strain (if using tea leaves) and let it cool down.
Stir in lemon juice based on how tangy you want the tea. Give it a stir.
Add in ice cubes and serve garnished with mint leaves.

Quick tip: If iced tea is a favourite, here’s an easy tip – brew tea or soak tea bags in water to achieve the desired flavour. Freeze them as ice cubes in an ice tray. Next time around, just drop these tea cubes in a glass and add other ingredients as per choice. Simple and easy!


Fresh fruits juices, especially homemade, are a good way to add liquid in your diet. The natural sugar content in fruits is enough for the body and that is the reason why making juices at home is a healthy choice. To detoxify means to rid the body of toxins by staying away from unhealthy food items. While severe detoxification is a course in itself, there are small ways that can be adapted in daily life to take our bodies on the path to being healthy:

  • To optimise the consumption of liquids in your body, homemade juices without added sugar are a good way to start. Replacing white sugar with honey or brown sugar is also a good option. And if staying away from sugar works, then just skip adding anything to sweeten the drinks.
  • Herbed water or herb infused water is another way for those who find it difficult to consume regular water or are not big fans of juices. Water is flavoured with light herbs like rosemary, thyme, parsley and left to sit for a few hours. These herbs are beneficial for the body and flavoured water is an added advantage. A combination of herbs and fruits is also infused in water for adding a fruity flavour.
  • Citrus based fruits, strawberries and even cucumbers are a good way to cleanse the body.
  •  To alternate fruit juices with something more for a liquid diet, yogurt based drinks are a great option. Traditional salted chaas with a sprinkle of masalas or fermented drinks like kanji are one of the best and easiest ways to promote good gut health. It is a probiotic drink that can be made at home. Good gut health is equivalent to a better immune system.

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