Oats & Brown Rice Bisi Belle Bhaat made with Saffola Classic Masala Oats served with Achar & South Indian Papad

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<p>Love South Indian flavors ? The Saffola Masala Oats Classic flavor gives the dish a healthy twist. It is light &nbsp;and tasty with nutritious vegetables to make for a perfect lunch or dinner.</p> <p>Saffola Fit Foodie meter score :52<br />Regular score : 41</p> <p>(Higher the Fit-Foodie score, healthier is the recipe)</p> <p>Know about Fit Foodie meter: <a href="http://www.fitfoodie.in/fit-foodie-meter" target="_blank">http://www.fitfoodie.in/fit-foodie-meter</a><em><br /></em>Recipe link : <a href="http://www.fitfoodie.in/recipe/oats-brown-rice-bisi-belle-bhaat" target="_blank">http://www.fitfoodie.in/recipe/oats-brown-rice-bisi-belle-bhaat</a></p>