Mango Aloevera Pulp & Juice (Small - 300ml) [Exp: 12/01/17] - By Yoga Pulp

<p>A delicious drink to load up on energy, nutrients and health. Indulge in the tasty pulp-and-juice flavours that come with herbal ginseng, Vitamin C and essential salts. It will positively charge your body and keep you energetic through the day. Pick from your favorite fruit flavours and add a bit of fun-and-health to your daily routine!&nbsp; Mango Aloe Vera Pulp &amp; Juice: Rich source of Vitamin A Helps control blood pressure Slows signs of ageing Cures acne Aids in digestion Promotes brain health Alkalizes the whole body Cures anemia Best Before 12th January 2017.</p>