Assorted Condiments Box (Wholegrain Mustard, Strawberry Conserve, Eggless Thousand Island, Szechwan Sauce, Honey Twigs)

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Simply put, you will love everything in this box! It is full of deliciously fresh goodness that comes directly from farmer’s market. Made with handpicked, locally produced ingredients which are slow cooked to retain maximum natural flavor, these products will win your heart in no time. (#ProTip: Everything in this box tastes a lot better when shared with friends and family!) Do you want to get this box full of farm fresh tempting goodness? We know you do! List of condiments: Wholegrain Mustard - An original French recipe. Ideal with cold cuts and cheese or spread on hamburgers, hot dogs and sandwiches for a real gourmet experience. Strawberry Conserve - Only whole strawberries from Mahabaleshwar are used in this three day long process which results in a flavourful and chunky conserve. Eggless Thousand Island - A tangy salad dressing, with jalapeno, chillies, gherkins and tomato. Ideal for salads, sandwiches or as a dip. Szechwan Sauce - A medium spicy version of the traditional Chinese recipe, loaded with garlic and three types of chilies. Use as a dip or add to any Chinese dish. Honey Twigs - Honey packed in a convenient, mess-free stick which can be carried around with ease for an instant burst of energy with a lingering sweetness.