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What inspired you to become a chef? Tell us your story!

My family and friends always appreciated and liked the food and desserts cooked by me. I was encouraged by my daughter to take this talent forward and I started selling chocolates and cakes. Without her support, I wouldn't have taken this step. When my chocolates and cakes turned out to be a hit too, I got in touch with Holachef and it’s been an amazing journey ever since. Cooking has now turned into a passion and an array of happy customers is my biggest motivation.

Which celebrity chefs do you admire the most?

Tarla Dalal.

What do you do in your free time?

Although my work keeps me busy, whenever I get free time I go through videos of Tarla Dalal and experiment with new recipes.

Which dishes do you love to cook and why?

I love whipping up chocolate mousse because it is a classic dessert that appeals to everyone.

A cooking tip that you always follow.

The cooking station has to be clean, there are no compromises on that for me. I’m all about maintaining hygiene.

What's your favorite kitchen tool?

KitchenAid that helps me blend great desserts.

What is that one ingredient you cannot cook without?


Someone famous you would like to cook for?

I would love to cook for Amitabh Bachchan.

What would one expect to find in your refrigerator?

Vanilla ice cream.

Which quality should a person definitely possess in order to become a professional chef?

Never to quit or lose hope. Have faith in your abilities and believe that you shall be successful.