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Preetha comes from a Hotel Management background. Having worked with the likes of Tarla Dalal for cookbooks , Chef Ajay Chopra, Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, Chef Kunal Kapoor and the likes for various food shows, creating authentic cuisines soon turned from being a pass-time to serious passion. She creates authentic south Indian recipes and maintains the recipes online on her you tube channel called 'Dakshin Curry'. She loves to experiment on quick recipes with ingredients in-hand at that point of time. On her love of cooking, she quips,"Cooking is a de stresser for me. I have always gorged on food from a young age and it never bothered me which part of the world the cuisine came from..As long as it motivates me to learn from it and make something to suit my needs. Cooking can be quick and in that way its a therapy.Its a "connect button" for me."