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Chef extraordinaire, doting wife, obsessive perfectionist, and not to forget, the woman who’s always right! Monica Geller Bing, meet your Indian doppelganger! Her love for cooking dates back to her childhood days when she secretly nursed an ambition to become a world class chef. However, societal norms pressurized her to apply her intelligence to a more monetarily benefitting career in biotechnology. Not one to be constrained in a regular 9-5 job, she ensured that her kitchen was always bursting with yummy sights and smells of gastronomic delights . Always a health conscious person, she has knack of creating food that is not just finger licking good but very healthy too. Soon she literally had her family and friends eating out of her hands. The overwhelming response for her original recipes and deep gratitude from gluten allergic and health conscious folks gave her the confidence to say good bye to her professional career and fulfil her long cherished dream Today Monica is the heart and soul of Flat Tummies, offering patrons a wide array of delicious and healthy food that is a tribute to her twin passions of cooking and fitness.