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Chef C. B. Saud

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What inspired you to become a chef? Tell us your story!

I remember happily playing chef’s assistant to my mom when I was little. It was from her I learnt that preparing real food takes some amount of time! I started my professional life as a chef in Mumbai in the year 2003. After acquiring culinary skills and learning cooking methods in the city for about 6 years, I moved to Hyderabad where I was a part of the Vision group of restaurants. Here, I had the privilege of working alongside many renowned chefs and spent a total of 3 years. On returning to Mumbai, I was a part of China Gate and The Food Studio. Today, I feel grateful for having such a career in the food industry and feel honoured to share my culinary expertise and knowledge at Holachef.

Which celebrity chefs do you admire the most?

I do not follow any celebrity chefs in particular, but I do watch Sanjeev Kapoor's cooking shows, if it happens to be playing on television.

What do you do in your free time?

Cricket is my kind of entertainment and I try to catch most of the IPL games. Films and Bollywood don't interest me much.

What are your dream travel destinations?

I hope to travel to all four corners of India. I believe India is a country with a vast portion of undiscovered beauty.

Do you like to read?

I like digging up interesting trivia, facts and recipes.

Have you tried food from Holachef? How was your experience?

Yes I have and Chef Ravi Saha's Mutton Rogan Josh is my favourite.

Which cuisines/dishes do you love to cook?

North Indian cuisine is my speciality and my Mutton Hara Masala is a crowd favourite.

A cooking tip/secret that you always follow.

The best way to store herbs is to wrap them in a damp paper towel and secure it inside a plastic bag.