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Chef Ashok Bundela

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What inspired you to become a chef? Tell us your story!

My younger brother, who is currently working at Copper Chimney Kolkata, and I were bitten by the cooking bug at a young age. As we grew up, so did our passion for food and cooking. As fate would have it, both of us became professional chefs. My dedication towards cooking has taken me to many places across India. Mumbai helped me understand what it takes to be a professional chef and learn nuances of culinary industry. Having gained some valuable knowledge, I enjoyed a short stint at Sanjeev Kapoor's Khana Khazana in Haryana and was involved with the openings of many of his restaurants. I have also worked under Chef Harpal Singh where I got the opportunity to learn different cooking methods. Later, I was the Unit Head Chef of The Future Group. There has never been a dull day during this journey as a chef!

Which celebrity chefs do you admire the most?

Chef Harpal Singh and Chef Sanjeev Kapoor are the two chefs who I follow closely.

Which are your favorite films? What entertains you?

I am not really a film buff. My source of entertainment are my friends whose company I enjoy a lot.

What are your favorite travel destinations?

Shimla is my favourite destination which I have visited multiple times. I hope to visit Kashmir sometime in the future.

Do you like to read?

Digging for recipes and cooking techniques in books and magazines is all the reading that I can manage.

Have you tried food from Holachef? How was your experience?

Chef Madhusudan's dal hara palak is a dish I quite relish.

Which cuisines/dishes do you love to cook and why?

I love cooking all types of Indian dishes, especially anything tandoori. Apart from Indian cuisine, I personally enjoy eating Indo-Chinese dishes.

A cooking tip/secret that you always follow.

Keeping the cooking area clean is the first and the most important rule a chef has to follow. Cleaning up as you go along, helps save time later. Using a waste bowl on your cooking counter to consolidate all your peelings and scraps is another way to save time as you don't have to walk over to the waste bin frequently.